Enrollment Considerations

Age and Birth Date Requirements

As a Jefferson County Public Charter School, we follow the same date and age requirements as Jefferson County Public Schools and other public districts in Colorado:

  • Children must be three years old by October 1st of their preschool year and may not start preschool until their 3rd birthday.
  • Four years old by October 1st of their pre-kindergarten year.
  • Five years old by October 1st of their kindergarten year.
  • Six years old by October 1st of their first grade year.
  • Students who transfer from another state and completed the previous grade level but miss the age cutoff can enter the next grade so long as the previous school is accredited.

Please contact the Principal with questions.

Preschool Requirements

Like all preschools, our program requires a degree of independence from students in order for them to have a positive experience.

  • Even though each of our Primary classrooms is well staffed with a lead teacher and an assistant, students should be capable of managing many self-care tasks on their own.
  • In general, children enrolled in our Primary program should be able to feed and dress themselves as well as be independent in the toileting process.
  • Our Primary program is licensed by the Colorado Department of Human Services as a preschool. As such, we are not permitted to have diapers or pull-ups at school – including at nap-time.

Choice Enrollment Information

Enrollment in a charter school is a choice enrollment under Jefferson County School Board Policy JFBA and Regulation JFBA-R. Under choice enrollment policy:

  • A student who is accepted into the school is accepted for the span of grades of that school, and is not required to reapply each year for admittance.
  • The school in which the open enrolled student is admitted becomes the "home" school of the student for the span of grades of that school.
  • Should a parent and student wish to return to their neighborhood public school, they would have to apply to the neighborhood school for admittance. If the neighborhood school has space available in the requested program, and the student meets the applicable program entrance requirements, (age, etc.), the child would be admitted. If the student is not admitted, the student would continue to be enrolled at the charter school.

Transfer Enrollment

  • Students seeking transfer enrollment from another school after October 1st of the current school year must complete the Jefferson County Administrative Transfer process.
  • Such enrollment is offered only on a space-available basis and must be approved by the student's current principal, MPA's principal, and the Jefferson County Public Schools Community Superintendent.
  • The Administrative Transfer process is initiated at the school where the student is currently enrolled.

IEP (Individual Education Plan) or 504 Plan

  • All students with an IEP or 504 Plan are encouraged to apply.
  • Once accepted, we ask you to submit the most recent copy of the IEP or 504 Plan.
  • A review of services by our Learning Lab Team will include the ability to meet your student’s documented needs.
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