Frequently Asked Questions

(Subject to change based on Jeffco lottery rules updates)

Do I need to attend a Wednesday morning tour?

Yes, we would like for you to have a familiarity with our program before you apply. If you student is offered enrollment, we do not have the capacity to give tours in the short time span we are asking for a decision from you.

When is the First Round Choice Enrollment?

Enrollment forms for both Preschool and Elementary spaces for the next school year will be accepted from mid December until January. You MUST turn in a copy of a birth certificate and proof of residency.

How do you choose students?

We follow Jefferson County Public Schools guidelines. A lottery for available spaces at each level is conducted as follows shortly after the Choice Enrollment period closes:

How are enrolling students prioritized?

1. Siblings of current MPA students. 2. Child of full-time staff at the school. 3. Jeffco resident 4.  Non-Jeffco resident

If your student is chosen in the initial lottery, you will be phoned and offered a space. You will have 2 business days to let us know you have accepted the space or we will go to the next person on the list. After accepting the space, you will also be asked to come to the school and finalize acceptance paperwork. For preschool students, we will ask for a $50 application fee and a $200 deposit (that is applied to your 1st month’s tuition).

If your student is placed on a wait list, you will also receive a letter. You can let us know if you wish to remain on the wait list. We will then call you as soon as a space becomes available.

What happens if you submit a enrollment form after January 31st?

Any enrollment forms received after January 31st will be placed on the bottom of any existing wait lists.

Do siblings have Priority?

Yes, in the initial lottery they do. If your student already has a sibling at MPA they are in the first pool. If you are new to MPA and you apply for 2 children and one gets in, we will do our best to get the 2nd child into MPA.

What age does your child have to be in order to start Montessori Peaks Academy?

Your child must be 3 by October 1st. In addition, children are expected to be independent with the toilet. Kindergarten students must be 5 by October 1st.

Do I need to pre-register for the tour or parent orientation meeting?

Yes, pre-registration is required. Due to COVID we are limiting the number in attendance to four families.  Please check the MPA website for tour dates.

Can I bring my child to the talk/tour on Wednesday mornings?

Parents could make the most of the talk/tour if you are able to make other arrangements for your children, especially if you feel your child will inhibit the learning of other parents or yourself. The information part of the tour requires a more focused audience.

Do you have tours at any other times?

We do not have the capacity in our schedules to make individual tour appointments or to have tours at other times.

How long is the talk/tour on Wednesday mornings?

The tours last approximately one hour.

Is there a bus service to MPA?

No, there is not.

What are the fees for the Preschool and Elementary program?

The posted fees are for this current school year. Rates for next year will be determined at a later date by our Board of Directors. Generally, if fees are increased, it will only be a small amount.

Are there scholarships for preschool students?

No, we do not have scholarships at this time.

What if I live out of state?

We understand the logistical difficulties associated with moving and registration requirements. If you live out of state, you may print the Choice Enrollment Form and mail or fax it to us. You would be considered an Out-of-District Resident.

I missed the First Round Choice Lottery. What do I do?

We do have a second round choice window that opens on February 9th. Your student will be added to existing wait lists.  

What are your class sizes?

At the preschool level there are 20 students at any given time (ie. - 20 in the morning, 20 in the afternoon) with a lead Montessori teacher and a full-time assistant.

At the elementary level there are 30 students in the room with a lead Montessori teacher and a full-time assistant.

Where do students go after 6th grade?

Generally the 6th graders attend the middle school in their neighborhood and they are very successful.

Do you have Before and After School Programs?

Yes, we offer Before School Care from 7 to 8 am and After School Care from 3 to 6 pm. The staff in the program are employed by MPA.

Can I apply to more than one school in Jefferson County?

Yes, at this time you are able to fill out Choice Enrollment/Preschool applications for many programs.

Do I get to choose my student’s teacher?

The staff manages the process of placement, taking into consideration the mix of students including balancing the class for gender and mix of age/grade levels.

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